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Name: Kimberly Rogers
Date registered: February 4, 2016


Kimberly Rogers is an advocate of balanced living. This means to put effort into, and be healthy in, all areas of life - body, mind, spirit, home, relationships and finance. Kimberly is a Bible teacher, news analyst and wellness advocate. She can be contacted at See also for the latest news headlines that are fulfilling Bible prophecy. Go to for Bible teachings.

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  3. How To Hydrate Your Body And Protect Your Kidneys — February 28, 2016
  4. How To Properly Evaluate Another Person’s Heart — February 27, 2016
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Jan 21

Eliminate UTI, Bladder And Kidney Infections (Good For Cystitis, too)

You won’t find a lengthy explanation about UTI, bladder and kidney infections in this article (for more information, go here), but you will find a great way to heal yourself quickly and without antibiotics. Here’s the recipe. It really works! 6 oz water 1/2 fresh squeezed lemon 1 tablespoon vinegar Alternative sweetener to taste (I …

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Mar 13

How The Average Middle Class Person Can Build A Gold Hedge Fund

  The economy continues to slip down that slope to a huge crash. It is gaining speed as it slides and the New World Order folks seem to have lost control of it. I doubt they will be able to manipulate it to stop what’s coming this time. To that end, every family must prepare. …

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Feb 28

How To Hydrate Your Body And Protect Your Kidneys

  Water all over the globe is in short supply and has been adulterated as much as our food. One reason we don’t know how much water we need is because drinking it is not as satisfying as it should be. Why is that? Corporations have made a business out of stripping the minerals and …

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Feb 27

How To Properly Evaluate Another Person’s Heart

  It is human nature to criticize, judge and execute judgment on others. We don’t like that done to ourselves, but we are often more than happy to do that to everyone else who does not measure up to our personal yard stick. The Corinthians had this kind of trouble in their congregation. The question …

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Feb 16

The Power Of Oregano Essential Oil

  02/16/2016 Essential Oils Properties – PDF Essential Oils Properties Definitions – PDF  

Feb 10

The One And Only Commandment With A Promise

  We tend to think of commandments as those restrictions on our lives that prevent us from doing certain actions. We are forbidden to murder, commit adultery, lie, steal and desire what others have. But the commandments are much more than that. They are about our relationship with God and with others. The last five …

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Feb 09

Essential Oils: Safe Or Dangerous?

Essential oils are powerful substances that can radically change our health. If you’re like me, that means if a little is good, a lot is better. We know not to overdose on pharmaceuticals, yet when it comes to essential oil, herbs and other natural remedies, we throw caution to the wind. Our modern culture has …

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Feb 08

Essential Oils Fraud

  The world isĀ  full of fraudulent products – corn syrup for honey, vegetable oil for olive oil and now synthetic fragrance for lavender essential oil. This post came to my attention by my mentor: “BEST BUY LAVENDER IS 100%……FRAGRANCE OIL! This was no surprise to me, based on the odor alone it was obvious …

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Feb 07

The Heavy Metal Cleansing Benefits of Black Sesame Seeds

  Everyone knows about sesame seeds. They’re tiny pale yellow seeds that taste good on everything and in everything. Entire cultures rely on sesame seeds for tahini which is a major ingredient in many international dishes. But almost no one knows about black sesame seeds. Maybe that should change. Did you know black sesame seeds …

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Feb 06

The Merciful Way To Settle Disputes

  Why do we continue on the wrong track when it comes to working out problems and disputes between believers? We keep repeating the same thing over and over like we are insane! Why do we think that we can solve our problem with someone by talking to others about it? Is itĀ because we are …

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