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Eliminate UTI, Bladder And Kidney Infections (Good For Cystitis, too)

You won’t find a lengthy explanation about UTI, bladder and kidney infections in this article (for more information, go here), but you will find a great way to heal yourself quickly and without antibiotics. Here’s the recipe. It really works! 6 oz water 1/2 fresh squeezed lemon 1 tablespoon vinegar Alternative sweetener to taste (I …

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How To Hydrate Your Body And Protect Your Kidneys

  Water all over the globe is in short supply and has been adulterated as much as our food. One reason we don’t know how much water we need is because drinking it is not as satisfying as it should be. Why is that? Corporations have made a business out of stripping the minerals and …

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The Power Of Oregano Essential Oil

  02/16/2016 Essential Oils Properties – PDF Essential Oils Properties Definitions – PDF  

Essential Oils: Safe Or Dangerous?

Essential oils are powerful substances that can radically change our health. If you’re like me, that means if a little is good, a lot is better. We know not to overdose on pharmaceuticals, yet when it comes to essential oil, herbs and other natural remedies, we throw caution to the wind. Our modern culture has …

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The Heavy Metal Cleansing Benefits of Black Sesame Seeds

  Everyone knows about sesame seeds. They’re tiny pale yellow seeds that taste good on everything and in everything. Entire cultures rely on sesame seeds for tahini which is a major ingredient in many international dishes. But almost no one knows about black sesame seeds. Maybe that should change. Did you know black sesame seeds …

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