Category: Relationships

How To Properly Evaluate Another Person’s Heart

  It is human nature to criticize, judge and execute judgment on others. We don’t like that done to ourselves, but we are often more than happy to do that to everyone else who does not measure up to our personal yard stick. The Corinthians had this kind of trouble in their congregation. The question …

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The One And Only Commandment With A Promise

  We tend to think of commandments as those restrictions on our lives that prevent us from doing certain actions. We are forbidden to murder, commit adultery, lie, steal and desire what others have. But the commandments are much more than that. They are about our relationship with God and with others. The last five …

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The Merciful Way To Settle Disputes

  Why do we continue on the wrong track when it comes to working out problems and disputes between believers? We keep repeating the same thing over and over like we are insane! Why do we think that we can solve our problem with someone by talking to others about it? Is it┬ábecause we are …

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