Essential Oils Fraud



The world is  full of fraudulent products – corn syrup for honey, vegetable oil for olive oil and now synthetic fragrance for lavender essential oil. This post came to my attention by my mentor:


This was no surprise to me, based on the odor alone it was obvious that it wasn’t true lavender. But in perhaps the most overt case of product misrepresentation observed by this lab in quite a while, the surprising thing is that this synthetic fragrance did not even include any true lavender as one of its ingredients. Notice the bottle label proclaims “Lavandula angustifolia 100% pure oil.” But when looking at the GC/MS analysis I honestly could not find any trace of the essential oil of Lavandula angustifolia in this poorly compounded fragrance. Normally I highlight all the components that are wrong about a sample but in this case I didn’t because I would have to highlight the entire list! Notice the DPG (dipropylene glycol, an odorless synthetic fragrance diluent) as well as many other components that don’t occur in nature. Even the components like linalool and linalyl acetate, which are components of lavender oil, are the synthetic versions as given away by the marker peaks of dihydrolinalool and dihydrolinayl acetate. The final proof that there is no actual lavender oil in the product is the complete absence of key minor components like lavandulyl acetate, beta-caryophyllene, etc.

This bottle sells for $19.99. Estimated cost of the actual 1/2 ounce of synthetic fragrance oil inside the bottle is maybe 25 cents, max, when purchased in bulk. Here is the link to the description of the product which is falsely claimed to be a steam distilled oil:…/pureguardian-spa-100-pu…/4337900.p… .

I really hope people have not purchased this product and used it in some of the therapeutic ways that they would normally use true lavender oil. Please don’t take this post the wrong way, I love Best Buy, I shop there all the time for my computer accessory and audio/video equipment etc., but they should stick to what they know.

You don’t have to get your essential oils from me, but at least make sure that the oils you get are genuine and that the quality controls in place result in a consistent product so that you can count on it.


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