Mar 13

How The Average Middle Class Person Can Build A Gold Hedge Fund


The economy continues to slip down that slope to a huge crash. It is gaining speed as it slides and the New World Order folks seem to have lost control of it. I doubt they will be able to manipulate it to stop what’s coming this time.

To that end, every family must prepare. One of the best items to have in your preparation tool box is gold. But who can afford it? An ounce of gold is now $1323 as of today, March 13, 2016. Yet experts still recommend getting it.

Dennis Gartman of The Money News just published this video yesterday saying everyone MUST have gold in their possession:

Here is what you can do: BUY GOLD BY THE GRAM! Yes, that’s right. I recently found a company in Germany that will sell you gold by the gram. That makes it affordable at under $70 a gram right now.

The best thing about this is that a gram of gold will be much easier to use as currency than an ounce. Who will have change for a $1500 gold ounce when the economy collapses? Likely not many. However, a gram is a tiny increment. It will be much easier to get change or use it for barter when the time comes.

Here is where you can buy your gold by the gram. Please use this web link because I have become a representative of this company called KaratBars. In fact, you can sign up to represent this company, too. Yes, it is a network marketing company with a brilliant opportunity for people to help their family and friends while helping themselves.

I researched the company, but you need to, as well. Go to Youtube.com and search for KaratBars. 

For more information check out our 3-Step System…
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Signing up is free. Contact me at 417-849-7991 if you would like to talk about how to build your gold hedge fund, build a business or both.



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